General Forums – Whats the Point?

With the increasing number of specific niche based forums, you might ask yourself what is the point of a general forum.

A general forum is basically an online community that has posts focused on a wide range off topics and discussions. While specific niche based forums are essential if you are seeking selective information, a they can often be a great way to interact with others, and for discovering content you otherwise may not have seen, or even thought about. Also, a general forum will often be a place that is more relaxed, and enable you to take part in Forum games, Humour, Topical Debates, Current affairs and much more. If you have a burning desire to get something of your chest, or simply want to find out what others think about a particular topic, they are a great place to ask.

As is the case with any online community, there will be a few guidelines that need to be followed, for instance, being rude or argumentative with other users.

Many friendships have been formed over the years within these types of forums, and new friendships are there, still waiting to be made.

Here are a few benefits of joining a General Forum:

1. You don’t need to be an expert in a specific field
2. The Topics are wide and varied, there is always something new to get involved in
3. People tend to be more relaxed and are there to generally have fun and unwind.
4. Moderation is generally more laid back,
5. General Forums usually offer many different features, such as Arcades and galleries.

Now in terms of niche content, these kinds of forums are clearly extremely difficult to market for, after all, what is there to market? On a side note however, General forums don’t usually try to sell you anything.

In summary, If you have something you want to get of your chest, or are simply looking to pass the time of day with some interesting people, check out a general forum.

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